Application - Solution Overview + Alignment

Solution Name

REYETS: Social Justice Network

One-line solution summary:

WebMD for Civil Rights: we help you find the cure to your injustice.

What specific problem are you solving?

We help protect people from being victims of police brutality and civil rights abuse. 

BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) are still fighting to end police brutality and gain equal rights under the law, as can be illustrated by:

  • Black drivers are 400% more likely to be stopped and arrested
  • Police are also 400% more likely to use force during these stops
  • despite 95.4% of police calls, being for no violent reasons, 100% of them are responded to with armed police officer
  • Because there are over 30,000 laws, knowing your rights is difficult
  • When your rights are violated, filing a complaint is super hard, because each of the over 18,000 police stations has their own process
  • The result is less than 3% of complaints result in action


  • People don’t know their rights and how to assert them
  • Reporting misconduct and taking action is difficult 
  • Communities need an easy way to access resources

Pitch your solution.

To address this REYETS ("rights") has built a mobile app that allows people to:

  1. Know and their rights through a searchable database, with federal and state-specific rights. 
  2. Teach them to safely assert their life and engage in citizen witnessing 
  3. Find alternatives to calling the police and reporting incidents
  4. Join advocacy campaigns and earn rewards for completing calls to action
  5. Connect members and build a coalition through community groups

Communities that use REYETS benefit by: 

  • Reducing opportunities for civil rights violations, and use of force during citizen police interactions
  • Increased civic engagement

Explain why you selected this stage of development for your solution.

We are in the pilot stage as the app is available nationwide and we are focusing on the DC/VA/MD area and have:

  • built and launched a web and mobile platform
  • have 10,000 users
  • have paying customers

Our solution's stage of development:

Pilot: An organization deploying a tested product, service, or business model in at least one community

Where are you based?

Arlington, VA, USA

Solution Team

  • Ibrahem Alhaidari Cofounder, Reyets
  • Wa'il Ashshowwaf CEO and Cofounder, REYETS: Social Justice Network
  • Justin Moore Cheif Justice Officer and Co-Founder, REYETS: Social Justice Network
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