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Pads that are good for your body, environment, and community

Team Lead

Kristin Kagetsu

SR SR Syed Ali Rizvi

Many around the globe may not know the importance of such an initiative. A solution that will positively affect the lives of millions of poor and needy women, to "live respectfully" and enjoy their daily usual chores during this period..A wonderful and naturally safe way. I am so delighted that the SAATHI team found this solution. thanks Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristin Kagetsu

Thank you Syed for the kind words!

IP IP Ishan Patel

In response to Technology-Readiness Level:

Great work. Keep it up.

Kristin Kagetsu

Thanks so much Ishan!

HP HP Harshal Panchal

An indeed solution in the field of biodegradable product and women hygiene.

Kristin Kagetsu

Thanks Harshal!

SD SD Sujit Dutta Mazumdar


Kristin Kagetsu

Thanks Sujit!

DC DC Divya Chari

This is an incredible effort! Saathi's mission statement to provide eco-friendly hygiene products to women all over the world is commendable. Keep up the good work!!

Kristin Kagetsu

Thanks for the kind words of support Divya!

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