Women & Technology

Digital Citizen Fund

Educating a new generation of women through digital literacy and community building

Team Lead

Roya Mahboob

Amirpouya Pakgohar

Good luck. It's a good idea.

HA HA Md Hazrat Ali Salim

In response to Our organization:

Save the Children

YW YW Yung Whei Wang

In response to The technologies we employ:

Great thought on empowering women with knowledge and access to technology, collaborating on the digital community

SZ SZ Simon Zion

Numerous guys desire to learn that field that demands is boost up in the market as digital marketing demand is being increased, fewer and fewer in the software industry cause of these folks prefer to learn about this kind of course from online as professional and adult students prefer to complete his/her bachelor in any institute or https://www.accreditedlifeexperiencedegree.org what it easy and affordable price for them.

Dr. Kalyanaram Gurumurthy

Education is a powerful input for empowerment. The solution proposed, here, may be requires some specificity in terms of uniqueness from many other on-line education platforms.

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