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Unlocking the potential of autistic talent by proving the value of neurodiversity

Team Lead

Rajesh Anandan

Philip Jennings

Could you provide more on the number of people you have impacted and how you have changed traditional workplaces.

Sarah Krasley

A fantastic solution. We would love to use your services for our QA!

Rajesh Anandan

Hi Sarah! Small world! Really love what you're doing with Shimmy Tech. And of course we'd love to support your QA efforts!

CA CA Claribel Avila

Thank you for submitting your solution! Your solution looks like it might be eligible for the GM Prize for Advanced Technologies. If you haven't already, check out the eligibility requirements and consider applying.

Rajesh Anandan

Thanks much for the suggestion! We'll apply for the GM Prize.

Stacie Whisonant

Great Idea to serve an often underserved and underestimated community.

Rajesh Anandan

Thanks much! We all deserve a fair shot at success, ULTRA aims to level the playing field.

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