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Enabling migrant workers to make informed work choices, helping to protect their rights and ensure their safety

Team Lead

Rachel Micah-Jones

Philip Jennings

What connections have you made with the union organisations working with migrant workers.Are they partners?

Rachel Micah-Jones

Yes! We're proud to have partnered with and received financial support from the AFLCIO, several of its affiliate unions, other unions, and the Solidarity Center. We co-founded the International Labor Recruitment Working Group with the AFLCIO, and labor representatives have been on CDM's board since our founding. I also served on the AFLCIO's Worker Advisory Council. I'd be happy to give you more examples of our partnerships with unions when we speak this weekend!

JH JH Jonathan Hiatt

Hi Philip, I hope all is well with you. I have been on CDM's Board for the past three years, starting when I was Rich Trumka's Chief of Staff. The organization is terrific, and Contratados is one of the most creative and useful digital platforms that I have seen any union or other worker organization use on behalf of workers. Best, Jon Hiatt

ES ES Erica Sweitzer-Beckman

Yes! gives workers a chance to share experiences and prevent future exploitation. With the increase in H2-A and other work visa programs here in the Midwest, we need transparency now more than ever. Farmworkers harvest your food in record time. This tool allows the same timeliness in transparency regarding wages and working conditions.

MS MS m strauss

This is a powerful tool that migrant workers have been using for several years to enforce their rights and hold employers accountable. This is especially important in the Wild West of unregulated contract labor, where workers are routinely abused both economically and physically. A real grassroots solution.

Ma. Cecilia Oebanda

In response to How many people we are currently serving with our solution:

If you are able to "internally" identify the migrant worker who reported an abuse, what will you do to provide him/her a choice of seeking legal redress?

Rachel Micah-Jones

Dear Ma. Cecilia Oebanda,
Yes! Thank you so much for your question! Our organization offers free legal services to migrant workers who experience violations of their rights. Workers can contact us through the platform, if they wish to seek redress. In fact, we have helped workers who have contacted us through take legal action. Through our organization's general legal services program, we have helped migrant workers recover more than $20million USD owed to them.

Ma. Cecilia Oebanda

In response to Our pitch:

Finally, a program that makes employers accountable. The workers being able to give am anonymous feedback about their experiences with a certain employer is a powerful leverage to prevent abuses.

Rachel Micah-Jones

Thanks so much for your feedback! We're proud of our work to prevent abuse and hold actors accountable!

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