DL DL Daigle Loise

Thank you so much for the information. Keep suggesting us such posts and articles, I will surely recommend this post to others. Kudos!

DL DL Daniel Luque

In past few years, Lynk has really done a great job by building this bridge and giving opportunities to all the informal workers out there. The only thing which gets difficult for these workers is to get the proper skill certification for applying. https://www.patasudakasurftrips.com/

SS SS A Sanba Showkath K

The website is very interesting and user-friendly.

Eric Braun

The website looks user friendly, but I agree with MA. CECILIA OEBANDA that it should be more innovative. It doesn't seem to look at some of the issues inherent in a job platform, such as 1) How to allow for people to piece together a full work schedule from multiple jobs 2) How to find jobs when you might not fit into a slot or might not want to limit your choices 3) How to prevent a bidding war that results in people getting paid less, because the low bidders usually win.

I hope you take some of these things into consideration as you expand. For now, you have some traction and a big team, so I hope you continue to grow and find the best way to make an impact

Ma. Cecilia Oebanda

Skills is a key issue in hiring a worker in the gig economy. It is not clear how Lynk validates the skills level of a job seeker. As it is based on trust, there is a certain gap that needs to be addressed. Is there a way that the workers can get a skills and competency certification from accredited agencies? For example, a carpenter working for so long can get a certification from a training center.

In terms of scalability, how can this be useful for migrant domestic workers who desire to work with multiple employers? These days, most domestic workers are exploring live out arrangements such as baby sitting for some specified hours, care giving for another household, and/or just cleaning a house once a week. This flexibility also enables them to balance time with their family or another business.

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