LA LA Luis Alberro
SA SA Samuel Adejumo

Good day Luis. Thank you for your comment.
Just as I have said earlier in previous sections of the write-up, the workers that join us in the potential organization, they will all be trained based on various fields. Fortunately, the users who tend to live in low connectivity areas, their user dashboards will be made up in such a way that it won't require high connectivity/high network stability, so as when they want to login to their user dashboard on our website, it can run almost-offline per se. Another alternative is to provide a form of Mi-Fi (Mobile Wi-Fi) for each user irrespective of their locations, and take responsibility in subscribing for them as required.
Now, in respect to those with low literacy and numeracy levels, prior to engaging in the insurance benefits and other protection programs, all users will have to be trained on various things as stated earlier. These people facing this particular challenge will be taught how they can go about making use of the internet and the programs to be registered for on our website. It will be a procedural thing of course, and we will try to make them have good knowledge of the whole concept before rushing things on anyone. Hopefully, we will have workers in the organization specialized in interacting with these set of people, majorly on how they can understand and comprehend the whole concept, and from there, other steps will follow.
Once again, thank you for your comment. If you have further questions, please ask.

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