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AT AT Allan Timms

I don't quite understand how people/companies are insinuating (if that is the correct word) themselves into the MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) space that already exists.
Surely the combined "power" of the MOOC cohort must overpower any input that any "lesser" actors may engage in.
If they are a truly altruistic undertaking, surely all these other in-state operators need do is direct their "clientele" to the existing MOOC operatives.

JN JN Jeffrey Neal

We remain The Ultimate Learning Accelerator, an advanced after-school learning center designed to help students solve their full possible. Here, we emphasis on parts that students fight with in school and also on parts that are dangerous for upcoming achievement, such as applied Arithmetic, spoken English, rational and social skills, charm and punishment, and boldness and attitude. Visit this link:

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