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In Thailand and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, many disadvantaged children are not exposed to sufficient opportunities for critical thinking and positive social development. Through their Digital Superheroes Academy (DSHA), the Baan Dek Foundation expands children’s opportunities for development. DSHA is an educational app that teaches children critical thinking, soft, and life skills while also teaching responsible use of technology.

The curriculum is based on an existing program in which 15 life skills are taught to children in 30 slums in Chiang Mai, Thailand. These life skill “superpowers” strengthen children's ability to learn and grow. The app also monitors use, measures learning outcomes, and even determines possible e-learning extension needs such as literacy and numeracy.

Market Opportunity

  • The app will reach over 1,000 vulnerable children for feedback and updates in 2018.
  • It will then be implemented with network partners—NGOs, CSOs, and schools—for international scale up to much larger targets in 2019.


  • In 2017, supported 1,059 vulnerable children by increasing access to health, education, and safety services in Chiang Mai
  • Initial web-based app was piloted among 230 children in the first half of 2018
  • Recipient of Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Indo-Pacific Development Prize

Organization Goals

  • Validate solutions though a pilot with 500 children by mid-2018
  • Update solution through systematic feedback
  • Scale up to 1,000 children in Thailand by the end of 2018

Existing Partnerships

The Baan Dek Foundation currently partners with:

  • The International Monetary Fund
  • Kindernothilfe
  • FIFA, a CSR partner
  • Amadeus IT Group, a CSR partner
  • Kids Home Development Network
  • Public schools and health centers in Thailand

Partnership Goals

The Baan Dek Foundation seeks:

  • Partners to scale the app to children in Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia
  • Corporate, institutional, and individual funding to achieve scale up and impact
  • Scale-up strategy consultation for mobile apps accessible from low-tech cell phones
  • Pro bono support for mobile app development and general information communications technology (ICT) support

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Teaching Critical Thinking and Positive Social Development to Children in Slums

The Austrailian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade presented the Indo-Pacific Development Prize to Solver Baan Dek Foundation to help teach critical life skills to kids and measure their learning outcomes.


Helping Children in Slums Learn and Grow Through App-Based Technology

At the 2018 Solve Challenge Finals, the Austrailia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade continued their support to Solver Baan Dek Foundation through the Indo-Pacific Development Prize. Digital Superheroes Acadamy uses an app to teach children life skills and strengthen their abilities to learn and grow.

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