Solve Challenge Finals 2017

Apella | New York City

Featured Speakers

Alex Amouyel

Executive Director, Solve

Cynthia Barnhart

Chancellor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Honorable Julie Bishop MP

Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs

Karl Burkart

Director of Innovation, Media & Technology, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Ursula M. Burns

CEO and Chairman, VEON

Her Excellency Mrs. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim

President of the Republic of Mauritius

Katja Iversen

President and CEO, Women Deliver

Guilherme Leal

Co-Founder, Natura

Sarah Lenz Lock J.D.

Senior Vice President for Policy, AARP; Executive Director, Global Council on Brain Health, AARP

United States

Katherine Maher

Executive Director, Wikimedia Foundation

Luis Alberto Moreno

President, Inter-American Development Bank

Dominic Price

Work Futurist, Atlassian

Mark Reading

Head of Foundation, Atlassian

L. Rafael Reif

President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Premal Shah

Co-Founder and President, Kiva

Adaora Udoji

Principal, Boshia Group

Christina Vuleta

VP, Women's Digital Network, Forbes Media

Jane Wurwand

Co-Founder, Dermalogica and FITE


Kate Ahern

Director, Bain Capital

Karen Appleton Page

US Enterprise Partnerships, Apple

Lucy Ashman

Global Director of Social Innovation, Teach For All


Cynthia Barnhart

Chancellor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Melissa Beaumont Lee

Foundation Manager, Atlassian [Youth, Skills, & the Workforce of the Future Coalition]

Azita Berar Awad

Director of Employment Policy, International Labor Organization

Larry Berger

CEO, Amplify

Katharina Borchert

Chief Innovation Officer, Mozilla

Rebecca Brachman

Co-Founder, Aision Biotechnologies, Neuroscientist, Columbia University

Karl Burkart

Director of Innovation, Media & Technology, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Laura Callanan

Founding Partner, Upstart Co-Lab

Dr. Cady Coleman

Former Astronaut, NASA

Nafez Dakkak

CEO, Queen Rania Foundation

United Kingdom

Hervé P. Duteil

Managing Director, Regional Coordinator for Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Finance, Americas, BNP Paribas

Obi Felten

Head of Getting Moonshots Ready for Contact with the Real World, X

Alvaro Fernandez

CEO & Editor-in-Chief, SharpBrains

United States

Tom Fletcher CMG

Global Strategy Director, Global Business Coalition for Education

Yannick Glemarec

Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director for Policy and Programme, UN Women

​Rachel Goslins

Director, Arts & Industries Building, Smithsonian Institution

Vanessa Grellet

Executive Director, ConsenSys

Kavita Gupta

Founding Managing Partner, ConsenSys

Katja Iversen

President and CEO, Women Deliver

Kenneth Kaplan

Senior Advisor, Initiative for Health Systems Innovation, MIT Sloan School of Management

Leila W. Kinney

Executive Director of Arts Initiatives and of the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology (CAST)

Dr. Corinna Lathan

CEO, Co-Founder, and Board Chair, AnthroTronix, Inc.

Sarah Lenz Lock J.D.

Senior Vice President for Policy, AARP; Executive Director, Global Council on Brain Health, AARP

United States

Kevin McAndrew

Senior Director, Social Innovation Partnerships, Save the Children

Cynthia McCaffrey

Director of the Office of Global Innovation, UNICEF

Ewen McDonald

Deputy Secretary, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

Susan McPherson

Founder & CEO, McPherson Strategies

Lisa Neuberger Fernandez

Managing Director, Global Head of Strategy and Innovation for Corporate Citizenship, Accenture

Chelina Odbert

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kounkuey Design Initiative

Professor Olivier Oullier

Professor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Aix-Marseille University


Grace Puma

Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Officer, PepsiCo

Kazunao Sato

Senior Manager, Legacy Planning and Produce Department, Dentsu, Inc

Dana Stepp

Global Education Vertical Manager, HP

Gunhild Stordalen

President and Founder, EAT Foundation

Paul Sznewajs

Executive Director, Ingenuity

Arshya Vahabzadeh M.D.

Chief Medical Officer, Brain Power; Innovation Officer, Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy

Ryan Whalen

Director, Initiatives and Strategy, The Rockefeller Foundation

Lawrence Yanovitch

President, GSMA Foundation


Subham Agarwala

Co-Founder, Farm-ASSIST


Komal Ahmad

CEO, Copia

United States

Fahad Al Saud

Founder, Tomo

United Kingdom

Sydney Alfonso

Founder & CEO

United States

Nasreen Alissa

Founder, Know Your Rights

Saudi Arabia

Bea Arthur

CEO, The Difference

United States

Mr Godwin Benson

Co-Founder and CEO, Tuteria


Jacob Bronstein

Director of Operations, National Education Support Trust USA, Inc.

United States

Clary Castrission

CEO, 40K Plus


James Centenera

Co-Founder and CEO, TULA Philippines


Matteo Cera

Founder & CEO, HOGARU


Dr. Venkata Chamala Anil MBBS MRCGP MSc exMBA

CEO/Partner, Eesavyasa technologies PVT Ltd (Samhita Life Sciences)


Jim Chu

Chief Executive Officer, UNTAPPED

United States

Ms ElsaMarie D'Silva

Founder & CEO, Red Dot Foundation (Safecity)


Randall Davis

Co-Founder, DCTclock

United States

Christopher Doroja

Chief Executive Officer, StillFresh


Dr Paul Falzone

Executive Director, Peripheral Vision International

United States

Tariq Fancy

Founder, The Rumie Initiative


Fabrice Filachet

Education and Social Mission Manager, Passerelles Numeriques


Will Galvin

Chairman, TruTrade

United States

Nicola Gryczka

CEO, Gastromotiva


William Hamilton

Co-founder, Mimerse


Dr Asher Hasan

Founder, doctHERs

United States

Tanya Henderson

Founder and Executive Director, Mina's List, Peace is Loud

United States

Johanna Hoffman

Designer, Urban Fabrick Collaborative

United States

Jessica Hubley

Founder & CEO, AnnieCannons

United States

Muhamad Iman Usman Mr

Co-Founder/ Chief Product Officer, Ruangguru


Edwin Kestler

CTO, Flatbox, S.A.


Angel Kuye Oluwayimika

Founder & CEO, Fresh Direct Nigeria


Dr. Albert Kwon M.D.

CEO & Co-Founder, AUGMENTx

United States

Grégoire Landel

CEO, CityTaps


Zhihan Lee

CEO, BagoSphere


Roya Mahboob

CEO, Digital Citizen Fund

Sean Mayberry

Founder & Executive Director, StrongMinds

United States

Patrick Meier

Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Flying Labs

United States

Oren Miron

Reseach Associate, Harvard Medical School

United States

Mona Mourshed

President, Generation

United States

Mr Nathan Murphy

CEO & Founder, JobHack


Zara Nanu

CEO, Gapsquare

United Kingdom

Jay Newton-Small

CEO, MemoryWell

United States

Michael Niconchuk

Director of Research and Development, Beyond Conflict

United States

Priya Nirmal

Developer, Erase All Kittens

United Kingdom

Rebecca Novak

CEO, Code Nation

United States

Taj Pabari

Founder, Fiftysix Creations


Ms. Meena Palaniappan

Founder & CEO, Atma Connect

United States

Hephzi Pemberton

Founder, Kiteka

United Kingdom

Kristen Railey

Founder, Girls Who Build

United States

Elliot Roth

Founder, Spira

United States

Richard R. Rowe Ph.D.

Founder & CEO, Open Learning Exchange, Inc.

United States

Kristina Saffran

CEO & Co-Founder, Project HEAL

United States

Amrita Saigal

Co-Founder, 100% Bio-degradable Sanitary Napkins from Banana Fibers

United States

Allison Sanders

Research and Partnerships Coordinator, Baan Dek Foundation


Nihal Satyadev

CEO & Co-Founder, The Youth Movement Against Alzheimer's

United States

Shreya Shankar

Co-Director, SHE++

United States

Amanda Simandjuntak

Co-founder, Markoding


Tanjir Soron

Founder, Learn to Care


Vic Strecher PhD, MPH

CEO, JOOL Health and Univ. of Michigan

United States

Patrick Suen

Chief Executive Officer, Waterig

Hong Kong SAR, China

Clare Sutcliffe

Executive Director, Raspberry Pi Foundation

United Kingdom

David Sweeting

Founder, The Urban Platform Studio


Janine Teo

CEO, Solve Education!


Tara Thiagarajan

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder, Neurolab Seed

United States

Oliver Thornton

CEO and Founder, Coding Autism

United States

Gabrielle Wimer

Co-Founder, MealFlour

United States

Katharine Wolf

Founder, Odetta

United States

Danny Wright

Executive Director, Gravity Water

United States

You Wu

Research & Product Lead, MIT


Emma Yang

Founder, Timeless

United States

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