Solving from Anywhere

Virtual Webinar Series

Featured Speakers

Sarah Geisenheimer

Managing Director, Innovation, The Rockefeller Foundation

Hala Hanna

Managing Director, Community, MIT Solve

Abhilasha Purwar

Founder and CEO, Blue Sky Analytics



Alex Amouyel

Executive Director, Solve

Anna Bertmar Khan

Acting Director, Program, Dubai Cares

Dr Garry Cooper Jr.

CEO, Rheaply

United States

David Hall

Managing Partner, Rise of the Rest Seed Fund, Revolution

Hala Hanna

Managing Director, Community, MIT Solve

Dr. Angela Jackson

Partner, Learn to Earn Fund, New Profit

Sindhuja Jeyabal

Co-Founder and CTO, Dost Education

United States

David Kaufman M.D. Ph.D

Head of Translational Development, Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute

Carrie Morgridge

Vice President and Chief Disruptor, Morgridge Family Foundation

Jacqueline Novogratz

Founder and CEO, Acumen

Greg Shell

Managing Director, Bain Capital

Casey van der Stricht

Principal, Solve Innovation Future

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