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Solve Innovation Future makes debt and equity investments in Solver teams selected annually through Solve’s open innovation Global Challenges. Returns from investments are reinvested into future Solver teams, creating a pay-it-forward mechanism for entrepreneurs and a renewable philanthropic vehicle for donors. Keep reading to learn more about our Solver investees.

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Access Afya

Solver Access Afya is a social enterprise that provides high quality, affordable primary healthcare in Nairobi's informal settlements. The anchor of the Access Afya model is a chain of quality-assured, low-cost micro clinics. These sites operate in slums, are led by a local care team, and are stocked and ready to work across a wide range of primary care needs—from diagnosing and treating infectious disease to managing chronic conditions to family planning and more. Access Afya accomplishes this through a combination of standardized care pathways, supply chain management, and digital health solutions. Complementing its clinic network is a virtual clinic that comprehensively serves patients online, including consultations, home medication delivery, and lifestyle coaching. Access Afya has served over 200,000 patients and is starting to scale across Kenya and Africa using its software as a service and analytics in franchise clinics.


Solver Kinedu strives for the best start to every child's story by creating actionable technology and content that fosters caregiver know-how at scale. Kinedu's apps and services reach hundreds of thousands of families, caregivers, and educators per month, supporting them through simple activity videos that encourage children to play with purpose. Through playtime and quality interactions between adults and children, Kinedu fosters relationships that build the foundation for socioemotional, cognitive, linguistic, and physical skills that prepare young children for the future. Kinedu's content is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and through any device connected to the internet.

Queen of Raw

Solver Queen of Raw enables fashion brands and retailers to buy and sell unused textiles with its global network, providing businesses a quick and easy way to secure discounted materials based on real-time location and availability while generating revenue and offloading excess stock. Powered by blockchain and machine learning, Queen of Raw’s platform helps fashion brands intelligently reallocate costly warehouse space by quickly and easily selling excess stock to a community of buyers. Brands can also access real-time supply chain and sustainability data to track how they are reducing carbon emissions, water consumption, landfill dumping, and a host of business priorities. At the time of Solve Innovation Future's investment, businesses participating in the Queen of Raw marketplace ahad already saved millions of dollars and more than a billion gallons of water.

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