Abhinav Khare

Graduate Research Assistant, University at Buffalo

United States

Challenge: How Can We Help People Prevent, Detect, and Manage Chronic Diseases, Especially in Resource-Limited Settings? 

Solution: Smart Clinics - Remote Patient Care by Monetizing Physical Exercise for Waste Management

Smart clinics connect health care providers with people living in slums through remote health care. This solution proposes physical clinics within slums that are equipped with smart technology to gather, monitor, analyze, and transmit personal health information to health care providers anywhere in the world. These clinics provide food and medical coupons for compliance and deploy an exercise-powered waste management system to subsidize its cost. 

About Abhinav

Abhinav Khare is a Master’s Student of Operations Research & Research Assistant in the Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering at University at Buffalo and has done his Bachelors in Industrial Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, India. He has been employed with Honda, SAP Labs & Tata Memorial Hospital and has worked the area of machine learning, mathematical modeling, and combinatorial optimization & approximation algorithms in multiple domains ranging from genomics, personalized medicine in cancer to humanitarian logistics and disaster management. He is passionate about Mathematics, Science and Technology and is endeavoring to solve problems that afflict our societies.


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