Betelhem Dessie

Project Manager, iCog - Anyone Can Code & Project Advisor, Solve IT!, iCog Labs

Betelhem Dessie is Ethiopia’s leading youth technology education entrepreneur.

Partnering with iCog Labs — Ethiopia’s rst AI and robotics lab, co-founded by American AI pioneer Ben Goertzel and leading Ethiopian techno-futurist Getnet Aseffa — she has started an initiative called iCog - Anyone Can Code (ACC). She has always hoped to create a platform in which children throughout the developing world can have the same opportunity as she had when she was a kid — and the ACC project is a product of that vision.

She is currently working with the IBE -UNESCO & Singularity NET to teach students from K-12 the skills of Industry 4.0 on her ‘Sophia School Bus Project’ . A bus equipped with computers and lab accessories that goes around different cities to teach the basics of coding and robotics. Besides that, she is working with iCog Labs on Solve IT! A nationwide innovation competition in Ethiopia that encourages youth from 18 - 28 to come up with innovative tech solutions for their community problems.

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