Eng. Chrispinus Onyancha

CEO, clinicPesa Limited


I am a Entrepreneur, Technology Expert and a Software Engineer by profession, working to on-board the latest technology to my community where technology is next to a myth. I adapt new relevant tech often and put them to practice with marvellous product at the end of the day that solve our community problems. I have show cased the turning of problematic Ideas to sustainable business while moving beyond limitations and exceptionally design around a problem in a new way instead of around constraints internally. I have demonstrated success in leading and developing complex multiple high profile projects simultaneously, not forgetting extensively partnering with both local and global companies as well as groups, in achieving tremendously scalable products with proven track record in delivering business change and advantage while adding value. I do this with exceptionally confidence in communicating at all levels right from complex technicality to simplicity using comprehensible communication skills as a key enabler.


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