David Sarley

Senior Program Officer, Global Delivery Programs, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation || Judge for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Funded Award

Currently an impact investor with BMGF, working on innovations to strengthen primary health care including boosting vaccines coverage and equity. Supporting Covid-19 work at global and local level. Researching the innovation Eco-system. Managing Grand Challenges Exploration for Vaccines Delivery and now GDP. Some key investments include in Zipline, Macro-Eyes, the ARC in South Africa. Part of GAVI Alliance Vaccine Product Innovation Strategy execution support. Chair of WHO’s Immunization Agenda 2030 Innovation Working Group. Established the Foundation's initial supply chain strategy for primary health care and contributed to the vaccines supply chain strategy. Previous work included establishing the VAN control tower concept and supply chain strengthening in Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda. Managed the initial Implants Access Program Coordinated Supply Planning work. Worked in public health supply chain consulting with John Snow and economics policy modeling with Maxwell Stamp. I have worked in over 80 countries, managing and implementing long and short term investment, supply chain and economic development projects. I have worked in Philanthropy, NGO, private consulting, manufacturing and for Government. I am a strategic thinker, have strong analytical skills and published and presented on a wide array of technical topics.

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