Devshi Mehrotra

CEO and Co-Founder, JusticeText

United States

Devshi Mehrotra is the CEO and co-founder of JusticeText, an antiracist technology startup that helps public defenders identify crucial insights from body-camera footage and hold law enforcement accountable. She received her BS/MS in computer science from the University of Chicago and her MS in global affairs from Tsinghua University through the post-graduate Schwarzman Scholars fellowship. During her time in college, she was recognized by the Obama Foundation for her contributions to advancing gender and racial equality in STEM education across Chicago. Devshi has additionally led applied machine learning projects at Google Brain, Microsoft Research, Peking University, and Stanford Law. Her work at the intersection of tech and social good has led her to be recognized as a Forbes 30 Under 30 social entrepreneur, Westly Prize finalist, and Camelback Fellow.


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