Edwin Kestler

CTO, Flatbox, S.A.


Edwin is a Social Initiatives Volunteer, Hardware Hacker and Tech Entrepreneur born in Guatemala City, CTO & co-founder of Guatemala’s first Internet Of Things Startup to be named among top four in the world for innovation on IoT for Smart Cities at the World Mobile Congress 2017 . His work on telecommunications in rural areas back in 1997 as a young telecommunications engineer just right after the signage of peace accords and the liberalization of the telecom sector in Guatemala made him witness the incredible impact of scientific knowledge as a practical application in technology to accelerate development even in the most isolated of places, he saw a simple phone become much more than just an apparatus, and communities flourish through the use of this simple technology, and this became his why.  He now works to apply the power of the IoT revolution for global positive social change.

Solution: Waterbox is a 2G IoT, AI managed autonomous Water Meter, it acquired, classifies, maps and compares water usage demand and maintain water utility services, extending services coverage and oversight.


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