Mrs. Elena Bacheva

Founder of Mommy's and Daddy's Diary, REMEMBRAND


My professional development in the field of branding and advertising gave hand to my personal one. Creativity and imagination boosted a new idea called Mommy's and Daddy's Diary. This project turned into a path to follow. It gave much more meaning to my life than everything before. Career path Since 1995, I had been working in the field of advertising and communications. My experience and interests were in the areas of positioning, generating concepts, as well as preparation, implementation, control and post analyses of strategic communication plans. Searching for the winning idea, I was interested in systematic inventive thinking in communication. Synergy defined my approach to developing brands and campaigns. I started my career in Grey Bulgaria as a Client Services Director and Strategic planner. Clients: P&G, Nokia, BAT, Master Foods, GlaxoSmithKline, Germanos, FIB, HBO, AXN, GHS, Address and others. In 2005, I joined Ashley&Holmes to support the establishment of the office operations in Bulgaria. Not for long. In 2006 I established REMEMBRAND, a branding, marketing and advertising company. Since 2008 I created a book for parents, called Mommy's Diary. The idea was born together with my daughter, in a time, when lack of professional information about child care was wide spread. Being in the shoes of a parent, I designed and carefully selected the content. Half of new parents in Bulgaria get the book since then. I am thankful to the many professionals, who joined this project and helped build trust and meaning to many, many people in Bulgaria. Since 2016, Mommy's diary was rebranded to Mommy's and Daddy's diary, realising the cruitial role and participation of fathers in children's life. A new platform was born at, with a lot more content and opportunities for parents, specialists and organisations. And one mission. Help growing healthier people, reaching their full personal potential. Making our world a better place to live.


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