Hanae Bezad

CEO / Founder, Douar Tech


Hanae founded Douar Tech in 2017 with a desire to support the youth of her community utilizing an acquired expertise in the intersection of technology, inclusion, entrepreneurship and international development. In parallel, Hanae leads the work at the pan-African organization Smart Africa on Startups and Innovation Ecosystems, in order to support member countries to create favorable conditions to leverage the startup momentum in the continent.

Hanae is a member of the pan-African Taskforce of i4policy, a member of the board of the Emerging Business Factory Foundation, a member of the Responsible Leadership Network of the BMW Foundation and a member of the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders network and a resident of the House of Beautiful Business.

Hanae holds a Bachelor in Sciences and Social Sciences from SciencesPo Paris, a Bachelor in Science and Technology from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, a Bachelor of Law from Panthéon Paris Sorbonne, a Master in Management from HEC Paris and a Master in Public Administration from SciencesPo Paris.


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