Heidi Nepf

Donald and Martha Harleman Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT

The Nepf Lab is internationally known for its work on the impact of vegetation on flow and transport in rivers, wetlands, and coastal zones, and the feedbacks to sediment transport and ecosystem function. The Nepf Lab develops models for the physical processes that determine how vegetated habitats, such as seagrasses, marshes, and mangroves, provide coastal protection, impact landscape stability, improve water quality, and provide blue carbon reservoirs. Dr. Nepf was selected for a NSF Career Award, the Borland Lecture, the Chapman Lecture, the Christie Lecture, the Harold Schoemaker Best Paper Award [IAHR], and a Distinguished Alumni Award from Bucknell University. She also served on the National Research Council panel that reviewed the Army Corps’ Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration (LACPR) Program.

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