Kassy Alia Ray

Founder and CEO, Serve & Connect

Kassy Alia Ray is the founder and CEO of Serve & Connect, a nonprofit organization focused on igniting positive change through police-community partnerships. A graduate of the University of South Carolina with her doctorate in Clinical-Community Psychology, Dr. Alia Ray founded the organization after her husband, an officer with the Forest Acres Police Department, was shot and killed in 2015. Under her leadership the organization has grown from a simple hashtag to a movement dedicated to creating change. Her work bridges the gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve, and draws on her personal experiences related to the loss of her husband combined with her expertise in Community Psychology to ignite transformative change in police-community relationships. Her work has been recognized nationally, including a feature on NBC’s Today Show and in Time Magazine, for it’s impact. She is a member of several boards and workgroups, including the International Association of Chief's of Police subcommittee on Community Policing and the American Psychological Association's Presidential Taskforce on Policing.

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