Kate McElligott

Senior Future of Work Practice Lead, Autodesk

Kate leads Autodesk’s future of work practice focused on lifelong learning for the most in-demand skills of the future – enabling the workforce of today and tomorrow to adapt and thrive. Her role is strategic, impactful, and cross-functional. She’s responsible for creating and implementing a global strategy, managing global executive-level initiatives, and elevating multi-stakeholder integration for optimal value creation. She believes that workers prosper by adopting a mindset of continuous learning, acquiring the most in-demand skills, and securing the most fulfilling roles.

Prior to this role, Kate held various leadership positions focused on creating a positive impact through impact investing and emerging market startup ecosystem innovation. Kate led Autodesk Foundation’s global marketing and thought leadership efforts, was director of strategic partnerships at the Aspen Institute, and relationship manager for high-network individuals at Grameen Foundation. She started her career as a non-profit consultant. She holds a BA in Political Science from Providence College and a MA in Social Enterprise from American University’s School of International Service.

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