Ms Kate Genevieve


United Kingdom

Katharine Vega is an artist, researcher and educator at, the creative studio she founded in 2010. She creates Mixed Reality projects exploring life-giving potentials for human action on this planet and technology in service to ecology. A residency in 2016 at the Leweton Cultural Community in Vanuatu testing 360 immersive recording initiated a long collaboration with Further Arts, Vanuatu. She is currently completing her practice-based PHD at the University of Sussex, researching the potentials for Virtual and Mixed Reality environments and multi-sensory communication, with joint supervision from the School of Media and the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science. is currently focused on how Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and network technology can meaningfully support shared experience, meaningful communication and remembrance of what we hold sacred. Questions of mental, social and environmental ecology do not simply inform each other, but depend on each other and projects in progress collaborate across disciplines, bringing in diverse perspectives from ecology, neuroscience, dance, architecture, ethnography and creative communities.


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