Katharine Wolf

Founder, Odetta

United States

Katharine started her career at Deutsche Bank in Leveraged Finance, and later founded and ran a microfinance bank for women in Vietnam. She worked at Bridges Ventures’ US Fund, Root Capital’s gender lens fund, and Singapore’s Social Stock Exchange. While in grad school at Harvard, she helped launch OrganJet, a healthcare company facilitating organ transplants. Katharine holds a BA from Middlebury, MBA from Stanford and MPA-ID from Harvard. As the only girl in a set of quadruplets in an entrepreneurial family, Katharine has always been passionate about women & tech.

Solution: With the advent of online work platforms, women with good skills can get great job opportunities that otherwise would be very difficult to access. Providing education, skill training, and jobs, Odetta is an end-to-end service corp for women and a brand that Global 2000 can trust.


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