Kent Larson

Director, City Science Initiative and Changing Places Group, MIT Media Lab

Kent Larson directs the City Science Initiative and the Changing Places Group at the MIT Media Laboratory. Larson practiced architecture for 15 years in New York City, with design work published in Architectural Record, Progressive Architecture, Global Architecture, the New York Times, A+U, and Architectural Digest. His book, Louis I. Kahn: Unbuilt Masterworks was selected as one of the Ten Best Books in Architecture of the year by the New York Times Review of Books. Under his leadership, the City Science Initiative has projects in Hamburg, Andorra, Taipei, Shanghai, Helsinki, and Cambridge. Larson and researchers from his group received the “10-Year Impact Award” from Ubicomp: a “test of time” award for work that, with the benefit of that hindsight, has had the greatest impact.

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