Ms sonali batra

CTO & Director Development , Operation ASHA


Sonali Batra is the CTO & Director Development of Operation ASHA - the largest NGO in India and the third largest in the world that treats TB patients in 8 countries. She has a double masters in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA) and University of Buffalo, SUNY (Buffalo, USA). She completed her undergraduate studies from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (IGTUW). She has 3 years of teaching experience being a Teaching Assistant at University at Buffalo (UB) for both undergraduate as well as graduate courses. She also has vast research and industry experience having worked with IBM, IBM Research, Software Research Institute in Ireland, with Network Security expert Dr. Nick Feamster in Georgia Tech, in the PhoneLab at UB and with Dr. Tevfik Kosar at UB. She also worked in VMware in Palo Alto, California. She has published papers in various reputable venues like Ubicomp and NDM and has served as a member of the program committee of W2SP 2015 and as a reviewer for IEEE Software Journal – 2015, SWSI.


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