Mohsin Mohi Ud Din

Founder, #MeWe International

United States

Challenge: How Can We Improve Learning Outcomes for Refugee and Displaced Young People Under 24? 

Solution: #MeWeSyria: Storytelling innovation for healing, SEL, and creative enterprise

Me/We Syria is a social and emotional learning (SEL) and civic engagement program for supporting peer-to-peer healing, countering violent extremism, and non-violent forms of communication targeting Syrian boys and girls ages 12-18 years old. By de-centralizing the power of narrative, Me/We activates young change-makers with collaborative storytelling and creative problem-solving skills.

About Mohsin

Mohsin Mohi Ud Din is the founder of #MeWeSyria and the current Director of Storytelling Innovation for Ashoka's Youth Venture. Before Ashoka, Mohi Ud Din worked in public advocacy and strategic communications for the United Nations and UNICEF. He has been working for various human rights organizations since 2003 and has more than 7 years’ experience working with youth and youth organizations on social and emotional learning, community-building, and empowerment. In 2009, he was granted a Fulbright Fellowship grant to Morocco—where he founded the Me/We arts innovation methodology for street children and migrant youth. In 2012 was named a United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Fellow. He is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.


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