Nasreen Alissa

Founder, Know Your Rights

Saudi Arabia

Nasreen Alissa is a corporate lawyer with experience in foreign investments, general corporate, labor law, business establishments and insolvency. She actively participates in charity work and pro bono, helping women in Saudi Arabia achieve their rights. She wrote many articles on women's rights. She has released a mobile application on iOS and Android "Know Your Rights" to educate and help women in the country to know their legal rights. Nasreen has a Bachelors in Law from Nottingham Law school, Bachelors in Sociology from the University of British Colombia, Post-graduate diploma in Law from City Law-school, & Masters in Law from City Law-school.

Solution: Created by a lawyer, Know Your Rights is an application that teaches Saudi women how to file a lawsuit in court and claim their rights in cases such as custody of children, divorce and financial support. The app includes features like ask a lawyer, cartoons, and general tips.


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