Mr Nathan Murphy

CEO & Founder, JobHack


Nathan Murphy is the Founder & CEO of, an organisation with a mission to develop the most scalable and accessible free online solution to youth employment around the world. JobHack has over 17,000 students from 196 countries. Nathan started his first business at 16 years old and has had multiple ventures in different industries including ecommerce, hospitality, education and marketing. At 22 he worked with the Foundation for Young Australians to develop the pilot content for an entrepreneurship education program that is now run in 10%+ of Australian high schools and has been delivered to over 20,000 students. After this project Nathan went on to work on similar projects for local, state and national levels of government within Australia. In 2016 Nathan became the Australian President for the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance and hosted Australia's first National Youth Entrepreneurship Roundtable. He is committed to the cause of empowering young people with the enterprise skills they need to create their own opportunities.


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