Dr. Nazeema Sheerin Muthu

Program Manager, Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network

Challenge: How Can We Help People Prevent, Detect, and Manage Chronic Diseases, Especially in Resource-Limited Settings? 

Solution: Target NCD risk factor-Reduce frying oil re-use; Produce biofuel for refugee camp    

Dr. Nazeema Sheerin Muthu is a Program Manager at Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network, a non-profit organization working to improve health of people in Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR). She contributes to strengthen national & regional programs by supporting planning & implementation of activities to strengthen NCDs control and prevention, Mental Health, School Health & Hygiene. She works closely with the external partners (governmental & non -governmental) to support the capacity building through trainings, workshops & deployment activities in different areas of Health promotion. Having a doctorate degree in Translational Biomedicine, Muthu has over 13 years of working experience in project management, research, policy development & advocacy, in non-communicable disease control with Governmental bodies, NGOs and Universities. Her international experience involves diversified & multi-cultural work environment in India, Eritrea, Sudan & Jordan. She is a board member of Jordan NCD Alliance & an active member in National tobacco control in Jordan.

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