Patrick Diamond

Manager, International Programs

Patrick Diamond is Manager of International Programs at MIT Solve where he specializes in health innovation. In this role he implements strategies that support innovators who are working to improve patient and community health outcomes. He believes that technology is a vital tool in the global campaign for equity in health. 

Patrick joined MIT Solve in 2017 to build a community of diverse health stakeholders around the common goal of supporting health innovators. His work involves facilitating design thinking workshops, developing a pipeline of diverse innovators, communicating insights into emerging health trends, advising ambitious innovators, and building operational efficiencies needed to sustain Solve’s own rapid growth.

Previously, he managed partnerships at a community health center in Baltimore, Maryland that provides integrated health care services to people experiencing homelessness. This work inspired him to achieve a graduate degree focused on public policy and health innovation.

Patrick grew up in Maine and is the proud grandson of a lobsterman. Patrick is a lifelong fan of Carl Sagan and continues to be motivated by his enduring optimism. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies from Loyola University Maryland, and a master’s degree focused on public policy and health innovation from the University of Pennsylvania.

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