Patrick Suen

Chief Executive Officer, Waterig

Hong Kong SAR, China

Patrick is the Founder & CEO of Waterig, a start-up company that focuses on developing decentralized water & energy solutions. He believes Waterig will revolutionize sustainability in human settlements including the near-future possibilities of interplanetary colonies.

Patrick has unprecedented enthusiasm on exploring emerging technologies since his college years in Northwestern. He is an early adopter of Bitcoin and Blockchain and had operated multiple projects from conceptualization to starting-up. He is also a space technology fan who spent years of personal time on studying biological applications in space. It is his greatest passion to bridge interdisciplinary innovations.

He is currently looking for business managers who focus on project execution and he is in process of building teams of scientists and engineers to help bring extraordinary concepts and technologies into application that can impact millions of lives.

Solution: Our solution aims to gradually decentralize urban water and food resources by deploying an incentive network of Off-Grid Water & Renewable Energy Hubs - Waterig. The network is backed by IoTs and blockchain systems that will facilitate exchange of surplus water, food produced, and crowdfunded Hub micro-ownership.


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