Ryan Chen

Founder, Overspective

Challenge: How Can We Help People Prevent, Detect, and Manage Chronic Diseases, Especially in Resource-Limited Settings? 

Solution: Culture as a Medium to Engage People in Low Resource Settings

Ryan Chen is the founder of Overspective, a design and innovation consultancy in Singapore. With 13 years of global experience, he uses his unique combination of creativity and business acumen to help organizations such as Singapore Government, Samsung and Sony to discover user insight, frame new perspectives and deliver meaningful innovations.  An expert in user centered design, Chen has conducted ethnographic research in China, India, Indonesia, France, Kenya, Mexico, Singapore, and Thailand, across multiple disciplines including consumer electronics, F&B, healthcare, and social issues. He also facilitates design thinking workshops and trainings to help companies adopt a user centric mindset. Chen holds an M.B.A. from University of Oxford and a B.A. (Industrial Design) from National University of Singapore. Formerly Lead Designer at Tupperware and Senior Designer at Philips Design, his design works have won international awards such as iF design award, Red Dot, and Good Design. 

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