Saskia P. Tjokro

Director Advisory, ANGIN

Saskia P Tjokro is the Director Advisory of ANGIN, an advisory arm of the first and largest investment network in Indonesia. She dashes the entrepreneurship consulting effort within the organization and helps its impact on rural parts of Southeast Asia. Her big break in ANGIN was the consulting effort to connect the Dutch and Indonesia’s startup ecosystem, as well as the production and dissemination of the first comprehensive investing in impact report in the region.

Saskia is also an active scholar, fascinated by the future. Her interests include 4th industrial revolution future workforce, future policy development for SME, and tertiary sector ecosystem building for emerging markets in the future context. She writes industrial reports and academic papers on sustainability, future applicability of ESG, future workforce, and entrepreneurship of 21st century for MBA handbooks focusing on the Asia Pacific. She also leads Indonesia’s first impact investment think tank in the country, INTRA, under ANGIN’s foundation in

She lives in the coastline of Komodo National Park between Asia and Australia, where she and her husband Mat shares a daughter in the bustling sustainable rural town of Labuan Bajo.

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