Simon Black

Frank Knox Fellow, Harvard University

United States

Challenge: How Can Individuals and Corporations Manage and Reduce their Carbon Contributions? 

Solution: ecotrack – The App that Helps Humans Cut Carbon

ecotrack combines GPS and behavioral data to track users carbon footprints and provide personalized suggestions for shrinking them. By sorting through the overwhelming array of options, ecotrack helps drive persistent low-carbon behavior in environmentally-conscious people of all ages and backgrounds.

About Simon

Simon Black is an MPA international development student and Frank Knox Fellow at Harvard University. As a student he has written briefings on climate change economics and politics, conducted research on international carbon markets and carbon pricing for the World Bank and IMF, and is cofounder and CEO of ecotrack: the app that helps humans cut carbon. Before coming to Harvard he worked as a diplomatic service economist and policy advisor for the British government, where he helped negotiate the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. Prior to that, Black was a financial consultant in the UK, where he is a chartered accountant. He holds a Master’s degree in international political economy from the London School of Economics with distinction and a Bachelor’s degree in economics and politics from Goldsmiths, University of London with first class honours.


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