Sungjin Choe

CEO, Green and Seed Corporation

Korea, Rep.

2010 Korea National University of Transportation (Railway Operations)

2017 CEO of Green & Seed Corporation

Award Winning
2017.11 3rd Global Innovator Festa Startup Contest
Win a Grand Prix

2017 Development of Farming Practice “Cornfield’s Rice Farming” and Pilot project in Northeastern 3 provinces in China, on 2017.9.14 Broadcast in CCTV-7 about Cornfield’s Rice Farming in Hebei province

I liked the train from my childhood. And as I grew older, I dreamed of driving trains through North Korea and Europe. By the way, as soon as I entered the university, I had to do CAD / CAM to develop "Seed-attacher" and "Mulcher" for helping dad. Now a few years later, I left the train, dropped out of school and became the CEO of Green&Seed Corporation. I felt a little better when I realized that Steve Jobs had dropped out of college. Haha ...



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