Ms. Tanya Kelen

Co-Founder, COO/CMO Promena VR USA & CEO, Promena VR Canada, Promena VR


Tanya Kelen - BIO CES, CMO, Promena VR USA | CEO, Promena VR Canada Chief Executive of Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, Tanya Kelen thrives on managing highly complex cross-functioning teams in the development and roll out of innovative products that scale worldwide. Works with Fortune 500 companies and has a proven track record in rolling out digital and media platforms including the Promena VR Brain Health System (pilot launching 2017-2018), Virtual Reality products across media, TV Documentaries, Feature Films, Games, TV Series and Digital Platform Agnostic Content. Clients include global media networks/ broadcasters, direct to consumers, Universities, Colleges, Governments, Hospitals, museums and others. Kelen is a visionary entrepreneur, inventor and social impact innovator, Kelen excels at building complex teams and partnerships that produce results and strong ROI. Kelen's speciality is scaling up companies from a minimal viable to robust global sales through digital platforms and related platform agnostic products across multiple distribution channels. Upcoming Promena VR products include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) for hospitals, clinics, museums and the consumer market. With over 20+ years of experience in global business development, marketing and content production, Kelen is well versed in complex negotiations that drive results. Kelen is a serial entrepreneur, and prior to getting behind Promena VR, Tanya Kelen founded her strategic consulting company Kelencontent in 2008, after a 15+ success streak in developing, licensing, producing and executive producing content and digital platforms for global clients such as DISNEY, DISCOVERY, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon and many others.


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