Venan Sondo

Co-Founder and Managing Director, CHAiNT Afrique LTD

Venan A. Sondo is a Sustainable Business & Management Professional with over 14 years of experience in sustainable business and climate consulting, especially with integrating ESG in traditional business environments. He holds a BSc from the Brandenburg University of Science & Technology in Germany, and an MSc (with Distinction) from the Oxford Brookes University in the UK.

Venan is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of CHAiNT Afrique LTD, a Change, Innovation & Transformation Hub that focuses on helping households, organisations and communities realise value through the eco-efficiency & eco-innovation lens. CHAiNT operates on the philosophy that if SDG12 is not achieved, it is unlikely that we will make any significant progress in achieving the Global Goals. 

Venan formerly led the PwC Ghana Sustainability & Climate Change Services for West Africa, where he conceived and led the development of the Sustainable Banking Principles in close collaboration with the National Steering Committee for Sustainable Banking Principles and the Bank of Ghana as Lead Consultant with PwC Ghana. 

Until recently he was Business Development Director at Envirofit International for West Africa where he designed a Clean Cooking Programme programmes for the Cocoa Industry in collaboration with cocoa & chocolate corporations and led the successful pilot of the Envirofit SmartGas Pay as You Cook technology for over 200 homes in Nima, Accra. He also initiated the first CDM Clean Cookstove Project in Cameroon, successfully distributing over 4,000 clean cookstoves in Cameroon and has been able to distribute over 10,000 clean cookstoves by various channels.

Venan is fluent in three languages including English, French and German, and currently consults with EBS Advisory, leading their Francophone West Africa ESG Services for financial transactions in the Region. He leads the Organisation of the Circular Economy Club in Accra City, and is a Representative of the Africa Circular Economy Network in Ghana & Cameroon.

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