Venkat Srinivasan

Managing Partner, Innospark Ventures | Judge for Innospark Ventures Prize

Dr. Venkat Srinivasan currently serves as a Managing Director at Innospark. He is the Founder of Innospark. Dr. Venkat Srinivasan is the Founder of Creditpointe, Inc. and EnglishHelper Inc. (EH). Dr. Srinivasan serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SRR Solutions, Inc. Dr. Srinivasan also serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EnglishHelper. He is also an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Bain Capital. He serves as the Chairman of Brightleaf Solutions, Inc. Dr. Srinivasan founded, Inc. (now Cortera, Inc.) in 1993 and served as its Chief Executive Officer Inc. In 2001, Dr. Srinivasan Founded Rage Holdings LLC. Dr. Srinivasan Founded Rage Frameworks, Inc and served as its Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Srinivasan has rich academic background in knowledge-based technology architectures along with his entrepreneurial successes. He holds several patents in the field of knowledge-based components for business process automation and has 25 years experience contributing his research and acting as a thought leader to both the business community and the academic world. Prior to founding, he served as an Associate Professor of Finance at Northeastern University in Boston. Prior to that, he served as Cash Manager of Union Carbide and its vast operations in India. He was the Founder of Corporate Fundamentals and served as its Chief Executive Officer. He served as an Executive Chairman of Teranode Incorporated. He served as the Chairman of Cortera, Inc. He is a Premier Member of the Credit Research Foundation. He is Certified as a Chartered Accountant (equivalent to a CPA) in India. Dr. Srinivasan received his PhD in Finance from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio(1982-1985). He completed his bachelors degree in Commerce from University of Delhi (1972-1975).

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