Dr. Venkata Chamala Anil MBBS MRCGP MSc exMBA

CEO/Partner, Eesavyasa technologies PVT Ltd (Samhita Life Sciences)


State Ranker in Medicine 185/200.

MRCGP in UK (16 yrs work experience).

Life Style Disease Specialist.

MS in diabetes and lifestyle disorders UK (worked with Global leaders in diabetes Research).

Diabetes Lead Clinician UK.

Exec-MBA from IIMB.

HULT prize – Clinton Global initiative, Regional Finalists -USA.

Global 1000 millennials - Sustainable Developments Goals.

India Health Care impact award 2017.

Solution: ZERO WASTE WATER purification system prevents unnecessary ground water depletion. Reverse osmosis technology wastes nearly 50-70% of water, while our solution uses zero chemicals (RO systems uses chemicals like anti-corrosives, stabilizing agents, etc.) and provides an ultra-disinfection system with built-in pulsed UV and controlled ozone treatment.


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