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Interested in applying to host a LEAP project that will accelerate your organization’s education solution?

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LEAP Projects are hosted by education organizations seeking research and entrepreneurial expertise from Fellows to accelerate their education solution’s impact. 

Organizations selected to host projects will attend a LEAPathon event where they will meet with LEAP Fellows, participate in mentorship and project refinement sessions, and be matched with 2-4 Fellows who will work with the organization between 6 and 16 hours a week each for the duration of the sprint. 

The 12-week project sprints will kick off in two waves: five project sprints will begin in October 2022 and five will begin in February 2023. Organizations will be assigned to one of the two waves according to availability and their Fellow match.

Benefits of hosting a LEAP project include: 

  • Access to the expertise of a global pool of highly capable research and entrepreneur Fellows who lend their talents to your venture, offering tailor-made strategies to strengthen your evidence base; 

  • Tangible deliverables - such as roadmaps, strategic analysis, or research frameworks - from Fellows that will help strengthen your solution and theory of change;

  • Professionally-managed project facilitation provided by MIT Solve, allowing you to focus solely on the most critical elements of the project;

  • Valuable networking opportunities across the global cohort of LEAP Fellows and project hosts;

  • A $5,000 stipend to compensate your team for time spent hosting the LEAP project.

For the 2022 LEAP Challenge, we are seeking project proposals focused on improving the evidence base of a product, program, or business model helping to bridge learning gaps for underserved children ages 2-12. We’re interested in project ideas from a diverse range of teams and invite established organizations from anywhere in the world to apply. 

If you’re interested in hosting a LEAP project and would like to learn more, please view the Eligibility & FAQ.

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