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WATCH: Detecting Autism at Birth

“Autism hurts millions of children and costs over $175 billion a year in the U.S. alone. That’s because we detect it too late, around age 4 when treatment is barely effective. In the few cases detected at age 2 years, treatment can drastically reduce autism severity. And, our brain test detects autism at birth.”

That’s Oren Miron from Harvard Medical School pitching his solution to Solve’s Brain Health Challenge: Autism Detection at Birth.

Their test makes a sound and then records the brainstem response, which takes much more time in newborns with autism.

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What’s brilliant about this approach: It relies on a screening already used on 4 million newborns each year for hearing impairment. Oren’s team hopes to add their algorithm for testing for autism onto this already existing screening. 

If autism affects about 1 percent of children according to Oren’s team, this test on 4 million newborns could help up to 40,000 with autism receive early treatment, producing better outcomes and cutting costs across a lifetime of care.  

Watch Oren’s pitch at the Solve Challenge Finals before becoming a Solver:

Oren Miron pitches Autism Detection at Birth at the Solve Challenge Finals in the Brain Health Challenge, September 17, 2017. (Photo by Samuel Stuart / MIT Solve)

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