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Antiracist Technology in the US

How can communities of color use technology to advance racial equity and access economic opportunity, health, and safety?

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Submitted Solutions

Build in Tulsa

Commemorating the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, a movement to build multi-generational wealth in Tulsa and across America

By Mr. Randolph Wiggins


Ending generational poverty and recidivism through high ROI careers.

By Jason Wang


Virtual Reality: Soul Rehabilitation

Using virtual reality as a safe alternative for simulation training. Anti-racism as well as back to life training for police/prisoners.

By Georgia Resnick


Educação Cívica

Educação Civica que se funda na luta por direitos e deveres em vez de assistência humanitária.

By J Jose Bras Luemba Da Costa C

Health CoronavirusRelief Fund Project

project covering the fields of education, health, poverty alleviation, disaster response

By Oluremi Aseweje C

I Breathe

Create and discover digital collectibles that fight racism

By Richard Seshie

Cultural Resource as Academic Resource

Using cultural heritage as a resource for learning in inner city schools.

By Winston Grace


love hasn't color

We take care of trying to stop racism around the world, because it affects us all.

By ximena flores

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