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Our solution:

ecotrack combines GPS and behavioral data to track

Our pitch:

ecotrack is fitbit for sustainability: a free app which tracks your carbon footprint and gives you personalized suggestions for shrinking it.

The problem:

Quantifying an individual’s carbon footprint, and helping to shrink it, is at the heart of our mission. We use tailor-made algorithms and localized data collection to generate accurate, real-time estimates of each user’s emissions. As a result, we can track carbon savings across the entire community of ecotrackers.

Why our solution will solve the problem:

But while helping users cut their carbon output is our central objective, we also see the potential to help shift the wider debate on climate change and change behavior on a deeper level. Until now, it has been very difficult to use existing technology to estimate an individual’s particular impact on climate change with any sort of accuracy. For this reason, much of the focus has (rightly) been on government- and industry-led efforts to enact large-scale change.

Target Outcomes

Our target outcomes:

Yet this is changing. Each of us now carries around in our pocket a device which knows where we are and tracks our movements throughout the day. Smartphones can help us see, in granular detail, the effect of our day-to-day decisions on our health, our finances, and even our sleep. What if this enormously powerful and popular technology could also be used to show us our impact on the world around us?

By showing users personalized information about their emissions, we hope to create greater awareness about the impact of individual choices on the climate.

Business Plan

How we will sustain our team financially:

For the revenue side of ecotrack, our core business model is based upon a monthly subscription service. For approximately $5 per month we offer premium users additional features within the app alongside carbon offsetting of their unavoidable emissions. By buying and cancelling carbon credits from regulated markets - such as those of New England’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative - we can help the subset of ours users to go ‘carbon neutral’.

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