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Adverse doctor-patient ratio and population pressure in developing countries means less face time with caregivers, leading to quickly handwritten observations, notes, prescriptions and case histories. While other data types in clinical informatics (imaging, pathology, etc.) are rapidly advancing, the practice of handwriting prescriptions and case histories is a serious setback in the world of digital health. 

An instant digitalization and documentation system of prescriptions and health records, Doxper is changing the way providers record patient notes. Through a battery-powered pen and customizable coded paper, data jotted by providers is securely stored and automatically transferred via bluetooth to the cloud and synced across all devices. Available for both iOS and Android, the application is integratable with existing EMRs and automatically creates patient files, organizing the data in text format. Doxper is also accessible to patients as well, enabling them to receive SMS reminders for appointments and access their prescriptions.

Existing Partnerships

Doxper has partnered with the following organizations:

  • Vidal Healthcare
  • GlobeVestor
  • Copier Investments
  • GrowX Ventures
  • All India School of Medical Science (AIIMS)

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