Chronic Diseases


Smartphone based app for early detection and monitoring of chronic lung disease

Team Lead

Nirinjan Yee

The Solution

Chronic lung diseases such as COPD and even rare diseases like IPF are increasing worldwide. Diagnosis commonly happens at the mid to late stage of the disease with very high human, healthcare, and productivity costs. Earlier detection and tracking of these diseases can save healthcare dollars and human lives.  

BreathResearch has spent over 10 years of extensive research recording and examining a wide variety of breathing sounds and patterns. Their  Acoustic Analyzer Library incorporates sophisticated DSP and audio processing algorithms to detect and extract over 25 respiratory measurements and markers that are used for analyzing breathing-at-rest as well as for exercise/metabolic test scenarios. This data is collected from consumers using their MyBreath app, which is available on the Apple App Store. The team has collaborated with Mayo Clinic to develop predictive algorithms that can act as an early warning system for people with chronic lung conditions and their caregivers.

Existing Partnerships

BreathResearch has partnered with the following organizations:

  • Mayo Clinic
  • The Wortman Lung Cancer Foundation

Solver Team

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Walnut Creek, CA, USA


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Solution Team:

  • Nirinjan Yee CEO, BreathResearch

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