Circular Economy


A chemical process to transform waste plastics into high-value industrial building blocks

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Miranda Wang

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The Problem

91 percent of plastics end up in landfills, incinerators, and oceans. This results from two core issues: we lack the technology to turn dirty waste plastics into quality materials, and there are no recycling markets for most plastics. This is true even for cheap plastics like polyethylene, commonly used for bottles and bags. 

The Solution

To create markets for plastic that would otherwise become trash, BioCellection recycles them into chemical intermediates, which are industrial building blocks for manufactured products such as shoe soles or car parts. Working with waste disposal companies to collect their polyethylene materials, BioCellection breaks down plastic at the chemical level, and its process uses the resulting chemicals to create higher-value materials like nylon that manufacturers use.

The durable, biodegradable materials that BioCellection makes can replace products that usually require fuel-heavy processes to manufacture, such as absorbent polymers for diapers or female hygiene products. The technology is practical and cost-effective—and environmentally transformative.

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