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The Problem

The global leather industry is massive—as are its environmental impacts. Hundreds of millions of cows are slaughtered annually, and the tanning and dye processes introduce harmful chemicals into an already carbon-heavy production cycle. Yet most popular leather substitutes are plastic-based polyurethane products, which do not biodegrade and cannot be recycled.

The Solution

To develop a viable alternative to cow leather, Mycotech engineers mushroom roots to mimic its feel, look, and tensile strength. Inspired by a traditional Indonesian culturing and fermentation process, Mycotech’s patented fungus creates a filament network with the characteristics of cow leather but a tiny fraction of its carbon footprint. Grown by local West Java farmers, most of whom are women, the fungi needs only one week to grow and become harvest-ready.

Given rising global demand for sustainable fashion and particularly for “vegan” alternatives to cow leather, Mycotech collaborates with small and established designers and brands to bring mushroom leather products to market. 

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