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Queen of Raw

A digital platform matching buyers and sellers of unused fabric

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Stephanie Benedetto

Solution Pitch

The Problem

Fabric production is one of the world’s worst polluters, and it wastes water at an alarming rate. Yet $120 billion worth of unused fabric sits in warehouses around the world—or gets burned up, or thrown into landfills, potentially contaminating drinking water. This is a loss not just for the environment, but also for businesses whose profitability suffers from overproducing and over-purchasing those surplus fabrics.

The Solution

Queen of Raw’s online platform matches buyers and sellers of unused fabric, offering a direct process powered by blockchain and machine learning. Factories, brands, and retailers post their unused fabric for resale on the platform, giving purchasers quick, easy access to new materials at lower price points. 

Sellers also subscribe to a monthly service that maps, measures, and traces their supply chains, minimizing their waste streams going forward. Through its optimized supply chain solution, Queen of Raw has helped 100,000 users save millions of dollars—and more than a billion gallons of water.

Market Opportunity

The global textile industry market value is expected to reach $1.23 trillion by 2025. Less than 1 percent of material used to produce clothing is recycled into new clothing, representing a loss of more than $100 billion worth of materials each year. With textile production set to account for 26 percent of all global carbon emissions by 2050, any trend toward a circular economy could be beneficial. Buying one used item reduces its carbon footprint by 82 percent.


Queen of Raw has kept over 500 tons of textiles out of landfills since the platform launched. 

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A Marketplace for Unused Fabric

Solver Queen of Raw, a digital platform matching buyers and sellers of unused fabric, received a $10,000 grant from Solve in 2019 for being selected as a Circular Economy Solver.

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